Carefully Craft and Communicate Your Brand Value

A brand’s identity is an absolute necessity for marketers. It communicates what their business is about, what it does, and why it stands out. However, creating a compelling brand that resonates with your target consumer base is not that easy. Additionally, strengthening your business’ value and reputation is indeed an uphill battle, especially due to already established brands and competitors. 

Hub Spot has published an article that elaborates on brand building and communication across platforms. Penned by Rebecca Riserbato, the article tells you how you can consolidate your brand value and generate customer loyalty. She features well-known brands as an example: Dove, Trader Joe’s, and Taco Bell, to name a few.

According to a research conducted by Bergische University, the feelings towards brands are like feelings towards people; you either like a brand or not.

Get started by creating your brand’s unique value proposition and persona paying attention to your target audience. Then, begin to frame your brand’s identity that supports your company’s marketing decisions. Play into your target customers’ interest. Influence their purchasing decisions by creating an identity that cares like a friend. Be sure to maintain relevance that can evolve over time so that your brand’s identity does not lose out or eventually gets erased from the consumer’s memory.

The next step is brand communication, and it is divided into the following strategies:

  • Communicating your brand extensively to the right audience.
  • Keeping it simple and sincere. 
  • Prioritizing brand positioning.

Brands are highly valuable; they need constant work. They are the key to developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Be aware of the fact that brands are created internally and are communicated externally to consumers through the concept of brand equity. People placed in marketing areas make well-informed strategic decisions for their companies to be able to create and communicate brands effectively. Keep in mind that creating a lasting impact through brand communication is paramount.

When you enroll in eCornell’s Marketing Strategy program, you will learn how to create and communicate your brand value to get the intended results, gaining a new and deeper understanding of how brand equity works.

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