Assessing Site and Soil Properties
Course Overview

There are multiple aspects of a soil that will positively or negatively impact the plants that are grown there. In this course, you will examine both the physical and chemical properties of a soil. Physical characteristics, such as bulk density, texture, and water-holding capacity, and chemical properties, such as pH, will play a critical role in your planting. By observing these characteristics, you will discover how to more accurately quantify the properties of a soil and determine which plants perform well in different soil types. Through these exercises, you will gain practical knowledge to ensure a successful design when choosing plants for a particular planting site.

By definition, urban planting is done in close proximity to buildings, roads, and other humanmade structures, and these structures will impact the sun, soil, moisture, and wind surrounding your planting. This course will show you how to incorporate these crucial variables into your design decisions, ensuring your plant choices are appropriate and offering more opportunity for innovation with successful results.

You are required to have completed the following course or have equivalent experience before taking this course:

  • Identifying Plants

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