Wine Ingredients
Course Overview

There is a common misperception that winemaking is little more than stomping on grapes. In this course, you will discover what truly goes into making wine. You will explore how to recognize sensory active compounds in wine and identify ways to manipulate them during the winemaking process. For the winemaker, it's a delicate balancing act; for the consumer, it can be a pleasant or unpleasant experience, especially if there are wine faults.

You will identify primary and secondary grape metabolites and how they can be controlled to create a balanced wine, all while preventing something from going wrong during the process. By the end, you will have a foundation from which to support continued learning about the operations and processes that surround winemaking, both in the vineyard and beyond.

You are required to have completed the following courses or have equivalent experience before taking this course:

  • Evaluating Wines
  • Developing Wine Production Plans

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