Understanding Data Analytics
Course Overview

By some estimates, 90% of the data that has ever existed has been created in the last two years. This is a staggering figure and has given rise to new challenges and opportunities in almost every industry: what kind of data do you need to collect to compete, and how can you make sense of it once you have collected it? As technology evolves and the volume of data increases, how can you make the best use of all this information? How can you use the data to help drive your decision-making? How can you make data work for you? How can you ensure your data accurately reflects the population in which you're interested?

In this course, you will determine the types of engineering and business questions you can answer, the kinds of problems you can solve, and the decisions you can make, all through using data analytics. You will explore best practices for collecting information so that you can make informed predictions, develop insights, and better inform organizational decision-making. You will see real-world examples that demonstrate how those tools work. Additionally, you will have a chance to apply some of the concepts to your own work. You will explore best practices for sampling and examine how different types of sampling are each suited for different situations. Finally, you will see real-world examples that demonstrate how those tools work and have a chance to practice sampling techniques in some case study scenarios.

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