Measuring Relationships and Uncertainty
Course Overview

In this course, you will explore the steps associated with testing a hypothesis and use a variety of simulation methods to test hypotheses in R; these different methods will allow you to test hypotheses for various possible scenarios. As you perform hypothesis tests, you will discover how to assess the uncertainty associated with your data set and the test. You will also analyze the relationship between two or more variables using linear regressionanalysis and determine how to assess these relationships with simple diagnostic tools.

Throughout this course, you will perform hands-on coding exercises to practice simulations in R, which will help you gain confidence in both your programming and statistical skills. After completing this course, you will be able to test hypotheses that involve two or more variables in a ready-to-analyze data set using simulations in the programming language R. You will also understand the uncertainty associated with your hypothesis tests and how it impacts your conclusions.

System requirements: This course contains a virtual programming environment that does not support the use of Safari, Edge, tablets, or mobile devices. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Exploreron a computer for this course.

“Exploring Data Sets With R” and “Summarizing and Visualizing Data” must be completed prior to starting this course.

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