Supply Chain Finance, Coordination, and Sustainability
Course Overview

Supply chain analytics goes beyond managing the flow of information and products along the supply chain; it's also about managing the cash flow, people, and ecosystem along the supply chain. This approach to management is known as the profit, people, and planet triple bottom line. Supply chain cash flow, or profit, concerns payments and trade financing between supply chain parties. The people element of supply chains concerns managing relationships with your customers and suppliers. Finally, the ecosystem, or planet, element of supply chains concerns the environment where the supply chain operates. You therefore need to be aware of your competition, government regulations, and your supply chain's social and environmental impact in order to properly balance all three and gain a competitive advantage.

In this course, you will explore how to measure and improve supply chain cash flow efficiency. You'll also discover design strategies to achieve coordination with your partners and achieve sustainability in the supply chain.

  • Forecasting Supply Chain Demand
  • Optimizing Inventory Management
  • Optimizing Production Capacity Allocation

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