Introduction to Scalability and Automation
Course Overview

To make informed business decisions, modern organizations need data to be effectively integrated, manipulated, and analyzed on a colossal scale. While SQL is a relevant piece of this process, there are a variety of other tools that can be used to make that data actionable. Your ability to manage large datasets effectively may therefore require the incorporation of additional programming languages and platforms to provide specific analytics.

In this course, you will examine how to approach large datasets accurately and efficiently with a focus on scalability and automation. You will go from identifying how to efficiently manipulate and analyze large datasets to understanding how SQL relates to the infrastructure underlying all modern web services. Along the way, you will work with more complex joins, discover how to systematically debug, and understand how SQL can be integrated with other programming languages, supporting your skills in this crucial area of digital business operations.

The following courses are required to be completed before taking this course:

  • Exploring Data
  • Integrating Data From Multiple Tables
  • Extracting Insights From Data
  • Fundamentals of Database Design

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