Trade Secrets and Patents (LAW517)
Course Overview

The global economy runs on innovation, and the key to that innovation is the ability for people to bring their ideas to life. Intellectual property law is crucial to this process, protecting ideas and encouraging innovation.

This course will explore the benefits and risks of both trade secrets and patents. By assessing your business to see how trade secrets and patents affect your team, you will evaluate the qualifications for eachtype of protection along with ways to ensure you are properly protected. Using your organization as the focus, you will determine best practices as well as the misuses and misappropriation that can affect your work. As you identify ways to keep your patents and trade secrets secure and examine ways they can be compromised, you will gain insights into the legal elements of your organization. By the end of this course, best practices for patent and trade secret security will give you and your organization anadvantage in the world of innovation.

Who should enroll in this course?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People whose roles involve new product or service development
  • Business development and marketing professionals
  • R&D, engineering, and technology managers
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