Growth Marketing with AI
Course Overview

The abundance of data available to marketing professionals has pushed the definition of what it means to have a successful marketing strategy. Success can now be measured by the degree to which customers are not only brought into the funnel, but also engaged and retained without active intervention. In other words, your marketing strategy can now be adjusted so that your product sells itself. This course focuses on how to automate the design and processes of your marketing machine so it can pull customers organically. You will start by identifying which products can and would benefit from a growth marketing strategy, then learn how you can calibrate product, price, promotion, and place to create a self-sustaining chain reaction that enables your product to sell itself. You will then explore the three stages of AI — supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning — and how you can leverage them in your growth marketing strategy. Ultimately, you will walk away with a clear view of what successful growth marketing implementation can look like in your own organization

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