Real Estate Leases
Course Overview

Within the commercial real estate industry, it is vital to develop a deep understanding of an asset's condition as well as the market in which it competes. There are several strategies for optimizing your occupancy and lease rates through an evaluation of the competitive landscape. This critical look at your market environment will enable you to best position your real estate assets in terms of lease structures, leasing trends, term expectations, and much more.

This course has been designed to simulate the way in which asset managers, along with those working in leasing departments, gather information and develop a leasing strategy. You will create a leasing strategy to convey the pertinent data about an asset and the market landscape to a particular audience. This course will train your eye to scan a property for key indicators of physical and financial health. Using a variety of downloadable tools, you will determine how to gather data for analysis that will provide insight and inform decision making for every step of the cycle of tenancy.

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