Facilities Management
Course Overview

In commercial real estate, managing the upkeep of the physical asset is critical for multiple reasons, including occupant safety, meeting legal occupancy requirements, functionality of systems, efficiencies of systems, productivity of occupants, maintaining asset value, and more. Successfully optimizing the functionality of a building requires a strategic approach to maintenance activities and equipment selection, as well as continually seeking new technologies, devices, and practices to improve building performance and reduce departmental expenses. In this course, you will access important building management strategies and best practices, professional expert interviews, and exercises that bring various strategies to light.

This course has been designed to simulate the way in which asset managers, building managers, and other stakeholders gather, analyze, and use various forms of building maintenance information to make decisions. Throughout this course, you will develop a robust tool kit of skills and resources to deal with property management issues including labor, code, financial management, and renovations. As you build your knowledge and skills in facilities management, you will be able to offer valuable recommendations and ask pertinent questions that will improve any asset's physical functionality and enhance the business's financial performance.

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