Sustainability in Building Design and Operation (SHA703)
Course Overview

Large buildings are some of the leading consumers of resources such as raw materials, electricity, and water. They also generate an incredible amount of waste. Customers and potential lessees now expect asset management to be transparent in their deployment of sustainable practices. On the flip side of this expectation, it has never been easier to make, measure, and communicate improvement in the area of sustainable operation. In this course, you will discover the importance of depth, clarity, and transparency when developing a sustainability strategy. You will then determine how to align your everyday efficiency goals with your overall sustainability strategy through environmental policies and practices, as well as the products you choose.

Taking it a step further, you will investigate the popular “green” certification standards and the options available for new development projects and existing buildings. You will make on-site observations of a LEED-certified building and explore the criteria making the LEED and Green Globes programs the international benchmarks for green building design and operation.

Beyond building design, there are valuable opportunities to empower and encourage your employees and/or residents to adopt sustainable practices by establishing a “green team” within your building or company. This team usually includes individuals passionate about sustainability and preserving the environment, so they will often be happy to help ensureyour sustainability goals are met, in turn having a positive effect on waste reduction and, thus, your bottom line.

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