Building Leaders From Within: How TechConnect Achieves This Through Genashtim

TechConnect – Sinar Mas Mining is one of the pillars of the Sinar Mas group. This Indonesian conglomerate is very committed to digital transformation, with an eye for talent development to build leaders from within the organization.

The Challenges

Sinar Mas Mining, through its entity and brand appearance called TechConnect, aims to lead and rule the ultimate technologies behind all its businesses and products and aspires to be the leading technology company for future business. TechConnect has grown over hundreds of business entities focused on technology innovation, energy resources and financial technology. As a trusted and customer-oriented company, TechConnect continues to uphold corporate governance, provide opportunities to create meaningful impacts on communities and develop leaders from within. They are ready to face the dynamics of change and take on any challenge to achieve sustainable growth.

To have 300 C-Level executives by 2026, the organization believes that nurturing talent from within will lead to a more capable and motivated workforce, which will contribute to the company’s success. To ensure that their talents are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, they offer continuous learning and development programs that focus on enhancing employee competencies, knowledge sharing, and promoting a culture of innovation.

The Solution

Tina Melinda, TechConnect’s People Capability Development Department Head, realized that they need to have more access to high-quality online training content, especially during the COVID pandemic when employees urgently needed to learn how to work and learn from home. To do so, they decided to partner with Genashtim to incorporate world-class online professional and executive development programs from eCornell, developed by Cornell University, into their LMS.

Why invest in eCornell?

“We were looking for both STEM and Non-STEM content so when we looked on the eCornell catalog, it had a wide range of courses”, Tina explained.

“Not only in the field of leadership but also in finance – with the latest content such as FinTech and Analytics which is beyond what we are looking for”.

Tina Melinda

TechConnect’s People Capability Development Department Head

“Genashtim was very accommodating to our needs and they are excellent in monitoring student progress so that the completion rate is quite high. This is one thing worth holding on to.”

Maheswara Aditya Laksmono

The Digital Learning and Development Program Expert in TechConnect added

Benefits of Partnering with Genashtim

Genashtim is a channel partner for eCornell for over 10 years now. This partnership aims to provide people outside of North America the opportunity to learn from one of America’s top schools, the prestigious Cornell University, with easy access such as:

      • Learning from the comfort of home.
      • Working with a learning consultant who accommodates clients’ requirements and needs.
      • Receiving 24/7 local support in their local time and their local language (subject to country).
      • Receiving monitoring reports of students’ progress to ensure completion of a course or certificate program.
      • Corporate package for companies and organizations.

“eCornell has a variety of courses that I think will be very valuable to be implemented in Indonesia, so that is why we are here.”

Benadra Marsyah Sasdana

Genashtim’s Business Development Manager in Indonesia

The Impacts

Tina explains a few of the main impacts of choosing eCornell, such as:

        • Value Proposition (VP). eCornell is a program from a top university that upholds world-class standards and has excellent credibility which makes their employees feel valued by prestige, top-class programs, and credible sources.
        • Content. The content from eCornell is quite helpful and mind-opening.

“I apply the theories and learning I have gained from eCornell in every task and decision-making in my job, consciously and unconsciously, and it has now become embedded in my activities”, Tina shares from her experience.

Some employees share their learning experiences:

“This is a very good course, and useful in real life. John is an excellent instructor. A recommended course!”

“eCornell provides good learning management systems in a structured, compact, and straight-to-the-point manner for critical matters related to the subject in each module. The canvas system guides students to complete the course step by step with comprehensive material, quizzes, discussions, and tasks.”

Creating an Internal Campaign

Initially, TechConnect offered the program to the managerial level only. However, over time, they realized that one of its missions is to transform its employees into knowledge works and that this transformation should have no boundaries. Hence, the L&D team intends to extend the eCornell courses to all employees in the future, so that everyone can grow equally and become leaders from within.

The Results

For the past two years, there have been over 70 TechConnect employees enrolled in 175 eCornell courses, with a 94.85% completion rate and still counting.

According to Tina, “The result of good training is when we have something in return, meaning we can apply what we have learned in our daily work and life”. She hopes that more employees will continue to take eCornell courses – not only with good completion status but also the ability to effectively implement what they have learned.

Additionally, Maheswara commends the Genashtim team for their responsiveness to requests and for being an excellent partner.