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Testimonials and Success Stories

Star Energy Geothermal (eCornell)

Star Energy Geothermal, Indonesia’s largest geothermal energy producer and a leading clean energy company has enrolled its employees in the eCornell’s “Women in Leadership” certificate through Genashtim. This program has provided the participants a venue to interact and have dialogues with women from various industries all around the world. Below are some of the feedback from participants:

This training will improve my leadership skills. I really enjoyed the training because we can share our experience and obtain some feedback from other participants and the lecturers.

High quality and well-developed course for women leaders. It was an amazing experience to meet with all inspiring women. I will recommend this course to every woman leader.
Debby Nurtanti

This program focuses on teaching the characteristics and types of individuals that leaders should pursue. I find this program to be more suitable for our leaders than for regular employees, however, since I aspire to be a leader at Star Energy someday, I am inspired by the successful women leaders in the corporate world who share their knowledge and experiences in this course. This program is also good for my CV!

Reva Sasistiya

Communication Specialist

This training helped me understand leadership from the gender aspect of leaders. It combines theories from professors and knowledge/experience sharing by experts and other participants.
Suita Kusumawardhani

This program helped me in writing topics about leaders. My topic was about how two Arsenal managers build their team, reconnect with the players after losing a match, and establish interpersonal connections. I learnt also how the manager established connections between the Arsenal owner and the players.

Fitriyani Marsusi

Market Intelligence Specialist

This program has helped me prepare for leadership and taught me how to deal with colleagues, especially as a woman. Firstly, the program helped me understand what kind of leadership style I possess, even if I am not yet a leader. Secondly, the program encouraged participants to share their experiences, allowing us to learn from one another. The content itself was insightful. I appreciated the professors’ accessibility and commitment. Despite their busy schedules, they were responsive and supportive. Lastly, I want to acknowledge Genashtim’s commitment to our program. When I reached out to Bena through WhatsApp and Teams, she provided prompt and helpful responses. It is essential for us to continue learning, sharing, and empowering ourselves, recognizing the leadership qualities within us.

Zilva Boaz

JOC Reporting Accountant

TechConnect – Sinar Mas Mining (eCornell)

“Genashtim was very accommodating to our needs and they are excellent in monitoring student progress so that the completion rate is quite high. This is one thing worth holding on to.”

Maheswara Aditya Laksmono

Digital Learning and Development Program Expert, TechConnect

“I apply the theories and learning I have gained from eCornell in every task and decision-making in my job, consciously and unconsciously, and it has now become embedded in my activities” 

Tina Melinda

TechConnect’s People Capability Development Department Head

“eCornell provides good learning management systems in a structured, compact, and straight-to-the-point manner for critical matters related to the subject in each module. The canvas system guides students to complete the course step by step with comprehensive material, quizzes, discussions, and tasks.” 

TechConnect Employee

Corporate Clients (eCornell)

eCornell and Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration have already proven to be essential partners in the professional development of our team members. With a network of more than 3,800 hotels across 88 countries, our business leaders can now access a wide variety of training programs and courses online at eCornell, which is both convenient and cost-effective for us. The collaborative, social learning aspect keeps people engaged and raises course completion rates. But most importantly, programs at eCornell deliver measurable results and drive employee performance. For that reason, we have significantly expanded our partnership with eCornell.

Matt Schuyler

Chief Human Resources Officer at Hilton Worldwide

Cornell has been and continues to be an important part of our learning and development portfolio of resources for Best Western associates around the world. We continue to receive tremendously positive feedback from participants in Cornell’s online programs whether here in North America or from our international affiliates.

Michael E. Nalley

Senior Manager, Education & Training Services Best Western International

Corporate Clients (Genashtim)

Jollibee Logo“People Development has always been a priority of Jollibee Foods Corp (JFC) since our early days. We started by developing our own training programs, in synergy with local training consultants and industry partners. As we grew into an enterprise and started our international expansion, accessibility to internet learning gave us the opportunity to evolve on how we develop our people. We are glad to have partnered with eCornell to achieve this.

When we introduced eCornell in 2011, our goal was to capitalize on its blended learning delivery method, real world application and collaborative approach, as well as its track record in providing online professional and executive development. True to its promise, each eCornell course enabled more than a thousand JFC executives to expand their knowledge in a variety of business fields, even in areas outside their functional expertise that stretched and challenged them to maximize learnings beyond their comfort zones. The course format allowed flexibility of learning at their own pace, 24/7 access to materials and the opportunity to learn from experiences of others outside of our industry and culture. Since the courses are built primarily around case studies and simulated business scenarios, practical knowledge gained could immediately be applied to everyday work situations. ”

Ernesto Tanmantiong

President/CEO, Jollibee Foods Corporation

It helped me communicate more with my team members and colleagues. It improved our workplace relationship.

Queben Johnson Coquilla

Store Operations

“I loved the course as it opened up new insights to my work”

Jason Ng

Red Ribbon Cake shop

The course was very helpful. I was able to implement some of the major proposals in my final paper. Discussions with other professionals enabled more learning & helped me understand other businesses.

Karol Atotubo

Chowking Marketing

Being a privileged participant in this online program is an achievement for me. Having full interaction with other online students made me more rational and analyze things on a more wider perspective.

Rossana Lacsamana


The course offered me relevant & helpful topics appropriate for my needs.

Reden H. Esternon


It helped me communicate more with my team members and colleagues. It improved our workplace relationship.

Queben Johnson Coquilla

Store Operations

IDSMED (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia)

So far, everything is great. Thank you

Juan Chee Siong

Store Operations

I am so happy to had experience taking a course with ecornell

Fransiskus Saferius

Finance Department

Students and Faculties

All course material and curricula proved highly relevant with immediate benefits, directly applicable in practice. I found the practical exercises both enjoyable and stimulating. One of the greatest advantages is the continuous interaction with fellow industry professionals from around the world. The discussion board served as an ideal platform to explore new concepts, revisit existing practices and share opinions and practical experiences. The course instructor provided continuous guidance and support by proving insightful comments, suggestions, and questions.

Andre Erasmus

General Manager, Anantara Xishuangbanna Resort & Spa, Yunnan (excerpted from

I recently finished your course in Marketing the Hospitality Brand Through New Media: Social, Mobile & Search and am writing to thank you! I want to congratulate you on putting together a brilliant course. I now feel confident in my online, social, mobile and media knowledge.

Anil Bhagtani

Mumbai, India

The Master Certificate in Essentials of Hospitality Management is the best way to take advantage of Cornell University’s latest research and development in the industry..

Al Matos

Resident Manager, Radisson Miami, FL U.S.A.

Cornell University is reputable and well known. Through both my academic and professional contacts, I had heard strong reviews and testimonies regarding their courses. Education is an integral component of one’s personal and professional development, even more so in the current job market where there is a strong demand for skills. The courses offered are a great way to differentiate yourself from the rest – both within your own company and in job searches. Overall, the experience was great. Naturally, the content is highly professional, well-thought-through, and relevant to the industry, and the website interface, and processes for applying and registering, were also very smooth. I would love to complete more courses with eCornell to continue my personal and professional development.


Senior Manager, Investment & Advisory, Real Estate Debt Financing and Scenario Analysis Course - Bangkok, Thailand

The quality of the teaching and materials were first-rate. It is refreshing to study this hospitality business from a ‘bird’s-eye perspective.’ The balance of the ideal with the realistic, the abstract with the practical, was perfect. There were often singular concepts that changed my whole perspective on the business . . . like RevPASH. I would definitely take it again, and many more courses. Immediately after graduating from the course, I applied it to making our award-winning Literati Cafe in Los Angeles hit new sales and profitability levels. From the success of Literati Cafe, we opened a new, fine dining restaurant next door called Literati II – which was named by the LA Times as the “future of dining in LA” and by Gayot as one of the top 20 restaurants in Los Angeles. The tools I picked up from my eCornell experience have been so helpful in honing my restaurant management skills and my ability to analyze the business of restaurants in measurable, meaningful ways.

Alex Kouba

Restaurateur, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

The online experience had a very positive impact on my work, especially the human- resource courses (Managing Dynamic Teams and Managing People More Effectively), which helped me to better organize myself and to improve the understanding and motivation between my staff and myself.

Overall, the courses have broadened my experience, because they opened my eyes to different points of view, and enabled me to consider aspects of my work that I have never considered before (especially in the areas of marketing and human resources).

Jessica Jaeger

Hotel Manager, Delphina, S.R.L. Italy

I was looking for a program in health and nutrition as I wanted to learn more in-depth on the topic. I chose eCornell because Cornell University is an Ivy League school, so eCornell must be aligned with the reputation of the university. Overall, I had a great experience with the program. The biggest takeaway I got from the Nutrition and Healthy Living Certificate is that we really don’t need to eat that much. Anorexic people have a 50% lower risk of getting cancer. I will come back to eCornell for its quality e-learning program.

Davida Gondohusodo

Co-Owner, Andala Auto Care, Indonesia , Nutrition & Healthy Living Certificate

The text was always simple and clear and the material was concise and organized. The interactive forums were also a great tool. At every stage of the course, students were asking and discussing challenging questions that were met with knowledgeable responses by the instructor.

Maria Exposito

Miami, FL U.S.A.

For me, Cornell online learning was a totally new and valuable experience. The simulation case and discussion rounds with other participants contributed to the success of this learning method. The well structured course and the support from Cornell online teaching staff helped to gain new knowledge and insights on the course topic.
Ilka Cremer

Research Assistant, Munich University of Applied Sciences

I recently passed eCornell training on Creating Value and Competitive Advantage in the Hospitality Industry. It has helped me to better view my company — its strategic goals, positioning and direction — and to see the whole picture. With the new and fresh vision that I received from this course, I have significantly updated my marketing planning for the next year.
Tanya Podgoretska

Sales & Marketing Director, Premier International, Hotel Management Company

The online experience gave me the flexibility of pacing my studies during the allotted time. Adding animation to the slides added a bit of fun into my learning experience. If given an opportunity, I would study online once again with E-Cornell.

Mahima Tripathi

Measuring and Improving Business Performance

eCornell did an excellent job of facilitating and delivering their online courses. I was impressed by the ease of accessing content and navigating through the course. I enjoyed both the hotel and project management courses I took.

Chad Wehba

Coming back to an online environment, and Cornell’s in particular, was brilliant. I am so appreciative of the global classroom participants, the access to our instructors, and the collaborative environment. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Kerrieann Gourley

Senior Acct. Executive, Renaissance Orlando

I found the online learning experience with eCornell an absolute delight. Accessing the information online gives you the freedom to complete your studies at a time convenient for you. What I learned from the Revenue Management courses have allowed me to see my work in a different light and, most importantly, the contributions of other eLearners from across the globe provided great insight into best practices in the world of hospitality.

Anu Pietilainen

Revenue Manager, Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney

A truly unforgettable experience! Delivered via the right methods and from the most knowledgeable faculty.

Michael Chrysochoidis

General Manager, Anatolia Hotels, Greece

It was a great experience to learn from this outstanding eCornell program. The methods of studying, the case studies and the material in whole were up-to-date and useful for my future career and skills development. Thank you eCornell!

Lela Krstevska

CEO, Radika Resort from Gostivar, Republic of Macedonia, Certificate: Hotel Real Estate Investment & Asset Management

Thank you, first of all, to team Cornell for giving me a wonderful learning experience! Online Cornell has given me two things: 1. Satisfaction from interaction between other online students and the tutor. Though we may seem far apart, sharing each other’s views and points is definitely a great learning tool! 2. It’s wonderful to know that other people in the world of hospitality share similar experiences both good and bad as we do here in Papua New Guinea.
Lester Boga

Operations Training Manager, Airways

I greatly valued my experience at eCornell. It was a very professional program, and I fully recommend it to whoever is studying in the field of hotel real estate investments. The program provides excellent tools and other useful material that can be effectively used in the real world.

The teaching is excellent and of high level, and the selection of students leads to interesting and substantial discussions with experienced people from different backgrounds.

Andrea Moresco

Unione Alberghi Italiani S.P.A., Milan, Italy

The program i took was Executive Leadership. I think the content of this program is very beneficial and tailored for working individuals as they are very relevant in the working field. It’s really awesome to be discussing topics with people from all over the world who come from different fields of occupations and we all can share our own experiences. The lecturers are very clear and concise, the modules are not difficult but challenging. I love the flexibility of the course and i think it’s really good for people who want to improve their knowledge or expertise, while still being able to have a full-time career. Overall very satisfied with the service and program for a first-timer like me!

Christia Permata Dharmawan

Director of Marketing, Sales & Client Relations, Focus Production

My online learning experience was much better and more of a personal profit than I expected. Especially helpful were the courses of financial & managerial accounting, which helped me to understand budgeting, forecasting and other topics much better.

Thomas Pankratz

Grand Hotel Europe

I am very proud to obtain Cornell University’s Business Analytics certification taught through its online platform eCornell.The professional development program consisted of 6 courses packed with tools and resources that allowed me to have a well-rounded understanding and visualisation of data and perform deep analyses for better business outcomes. This was my very first experience with online studies and different than what I was previously used to. Needless to say, it was worth every minute of my time. Thanks Genashtim Innovative Learning folks for the support.

Renzo Vinatea

Franchise Associate Manager , PepsiCo Guatemala, Certificate: Business Analytics