Hospitality Management 360 (SHAMC10) $7999.00 Enroll Now

Core Courses

  • Becoming a Powerful Leader (HAME501)

  • Building High-Performing Teams (HAME502)

  • Understanding Financial Statements (HAME513 )

  • Using Ratio Analysis to Evaluate Financial Performance (HAME514)

  • Services Marketing Planning and Management (SHA521)

  • Evaluating Business and Customer Factors Affecting Marketing Decisions for Services (SHA522)

  • Utlilizing Income Statements and Operational Data (SHA601)

  • Building Guest Loyalty (SHA604)

  • Introduction to Hotel Revenue Management (SHA531)

  • Forecasting and Availability Controls in Hotel Revenue Management (SHA532)

  • Marketing the Hospitality Brand Through Digital Media (SHA546)

  • Introduction to Hotel Operations (SHA099)

  • Introduction to Restaurant Revenue Management (SHA705)

  • Managing Meal Duration and Reservations (SHA708)

11 Elective Courses ( Choose 4 )

  • Optimizing Your Food and Beverage Menu (SHA602)

  • Managing Your Food and Beverage Supply Chain (SHA603)

  • Pricing Strategy and Distribution Channels in Hotel Revenue Management (SHA533)

  • Overbooking Practices in Hotel Revenue Management (SHA534)

  • Non-Traditional Applications of Hotel Revenue Management (SHA535)

  • Building a Resilient Services Marketing Information System (SHA523)

  • Developing a Service Strategy and Managing the Brand (SHA524)

  • Managing Service Demand through Pricing and Distribution Strategies (SHA525)

  • Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy for Services (SHA526)

  • Implementing Brand Strategy Through Digital Media (SHA547)

  • Optimizing Restaurant Space and Pricing (SHA707)