Empowering Women Leaders in Renewable Energy

Star Energy Geothermal is a leading renewable energy company in Indonesia that specializes in geothermal power generation. They are dedicated to harnessing the Earth’s natural heat to produce sustainable electricity.

On 13 July 2023, Genashtim attended Star Energy Geothermal’s Women in Leadership Certificate Awarding event to celebrate the successful completion of the Women in Leadership Certificate Program from eCornell. Star Energy Geothermal had successfully conducted two batches of the program, with the first batch consisting of 31 participants starting in 2021 and finishing in 2022, and the second batch consisting of 45 participants starting in 2022 and completing in 2023.

Driving Change

Star Energy initiated the launch of the program with a clear goal of developing women leaders within the company. They emphasized that this program is just the beginning and that there are plans for continued expansion to integrate all employees into the women’s leadership at Star Energy. Mrs. Merly, CFO of Star Energy, urged everyone to take pride in their involvement, as the program not only focuses on professional growth but also on managing personal responsibilities in both work and family life. Acknowledging the challenges women face in balancing their various roles, she highlighted the significance of time management and how it contributes to achieving a harmonious work-life balance. With this program, Mrs. Merly aims to create a supportive community that empowers women to excel in both their professional and personal lives.

What do students say about the program?

Aspiring women leaders in Star Energy shared their satisfaction with the program, recognizing its value in teaching them how to effectively deal with colleagues, particularly as women in the workplace and as women at home. Zilva Boaz, one of the students, expressed how the Women in Leadership Program helped her prepare for leadership, understand her leadership style, and learn from others’ experiences. She appreciated the insightful content, accessible professors, and Genashtim’s commitment to providing prompt and helpful responses.

Genasthim’s Commitment to Diversity

Thomas Ng, the Founder and CEO of Genashtim, highlighted the unique approach of the eCornell program, which operates in private small cohorts, enabling personalized learning experiences and meaningful interactions among participants. He expressed satisfaction with the popularity of the Women in Leadership Program offered by eCornell which has reached multiple countries in the region, including the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Thomas also emphasized Genashtim’s commitment to diversity and the company’s aim to achieve close to 40% representation of women employees.

The Hopes

Mrs. Merly encourages Star Energy Geothermal’s female employees to seize the chance to become leaders and improve their company, while also staying open to learning and self-improvement. She reminded the participants “Don’t stop here, even if you have graduated from the program, never stop learning and keep improving yourself to become a leader in Star Energy”.

Genashtim appreciates the Women in Leadership Program’s value as both Genashtim and Star Energy are committed to developing women leaders. Their desire to maintain good relations reveals their mutual understanding of the benefits of supporting women in leadership through collaboration.