Compliments of the season to our readers. For this special month of December, we turn our focus on Entrepreneurship, Customer Lifetime Value, Controlling Hotel Real Estate, and Scientific Decision Making.

  • Entrepreneurship – We feature a new program in Entrepreneurship from eCornell, designed primarily for professionals, non-financial managers, and cost accounts. Entrepreneurship is a vital sector in any economy. It stimulates economic activity and provides employment for the entrepreneur and others. There are many present and emerging trends in entrepreneurship and the article highlights a few.
  • Customer Lifetime Value – Customer lifetime value is a prediction that places a value on each customer in terms of the business transaction and cash flow that the customer will bring to the business for as long as the customer remains with the business. Predictive customer lifetime value can reasonably estimate how long a customer will continue to support a business and this information will give direction to how the business makes critical marketing decisions.
  • Controlling Hotel Real Estate – It is said that hotel real estate is managed differently from other business-related real estate. In reading the article, the difference will be understood.
  • Scientific Decision Making – Scientific decision making has become contagious within organizations due to the proliferation of big data and the never-ending advancement in technology. It is not just a fad; it really does help managers and leaders to arrive at better decisions – scientific decisions – through the analysis of raw data based on certain parameters. It eliminates guesswork and inspires confidence to act in a manner that will yield expected results.

May your knowledge be meaningfully increased as you read the articles in this issue.