It is already the second month of the new year and it is our pleasure to enlighten you further in this issue about new programs on the eCornell platform as well as trends and concepts that you can apply to your business. Mastering Negotiations is akin to the name of a new Leadership Certificate being offered by eCornell – Negotiation Mastery. Data Analytics in R is also the name of a new Data Science Certificate on the eCornell platform. Using Integrated Digital Marketing Channels is a wise approach to maximizing the returns on your organization’s marketing efforts. Finally, Aligning Employee Performance with Organizational Goals is a strategy that your organization needs to adopt to reap the benefits it offers.

Fancy taking a training course to enhance and upgrade your professional skills at this time where public gatherings and traveling are discouraged? Don’t worry, you’re not stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can take an eCornell professional development program from wherever you are – no traveling and attending classes are required.