In this month’s edition, we examine how to Enhance Employee Engagement Through Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Then, we explore the strategies to Elevate Business Ethics to Build a Responsible Organizational Culture. Moving on, we discover the tools and methodologies for Digital Transformation for Innovative Business Evolution and Mastering Services Marketing for Customer-Centric Success.

Improve Labor Practices in Global Organizations

People in the global workforce manufactured the device that enables you to read this page. It is unlikely for you to know the manufacturer’s country of origin or how the international labor agreement, if any, affects the workers who made the device. How would you know if the company that makes and sells the product treats its workers fairly?

Aligning Your Product or Service with the Behavioral Patterns of Consumers

Consumers have specific strategies when making decisions about what they want to buy. These consumer purchasing strategies are predictable because human behavior is at the core of their decision-making.

Making Purchasing Decisions that Tally with Organizational Objectives

A strong procurement strategy can give your company a distinct advantage in the competitive market. Acquiring this competitive advantage requires you to analyze how procurement and inventory management support organizational goals.

Structuring Functional Organizational Design

We function within unique ecosystems of organizations – from where we work, shop, go to school, volunteer, acquire healthcare, and manage our personal and professional lives. We are oblivious to how organizations have evolved over time.