Growing Engineering Leaders with eCornell

These are an exciting time for engineers as society’s biggest challenges are increasingly met with technology, and science is nearly synonymous with innovation.

But technical skills alone are not enough. Turning ideas into solutions, bringing innovations to life, influencing governments and societies: these require engineers to step up as team members and leaders. Fortunately, engineers are uniquely well-suited to be strong leaders through their mastery of analysis and problem-solving skills.

The mission of the recently launched Engineering Leadership Program is to grow powerful leaders who take on world’s biggest challenges with knowledge, skill, insight and courage by utilizing formal management training in the soft skills necessary to help teams and organizations reach their highest potential.

In this 6- course online Certificate program, learners have the opportunity to analyze their own leadership attributes and decision-making styles, strengthen essential communication, motivation, and influencing skills, and ultimately plan for future personal growth and success in the management of technical and project teams.