The Emerging Crisis in Critical Thinking

A Wall Street article in 2017 reported that “on the average students graduate without the ability to read a scatterplot, construct a cohesive argument or identify a logical fallacy”. A more recent article says that mentions of critical thinking in job postings have doubled since 2009. An Economist survey indicated that 72% of employers listed critical thinking and problem solving as the most important workplace skills.

This 4 minute video from Pearson Learning highlights the key point of this emerging crisis.

Cornell University last month unveiled its Critical Thinking Certificate.

Through eCornell’s Critical Thinking Certificate Program, engineers and designers leading projects, managers and consultants will learn how to deeply analyze a problem, assess possible solutions and associated risks, and hone your strategic decision-making skills by following a methodology based on tested actions and sound approaches.

This certificate program is claimable under SkillsFuture Credit in Singapore and HRDF SBL Scheme in Malaysia