HR Transformation


In the decade or so after 1995, corporate Human Resource department went through a massive restructuring, which shifted the role of HR as an administrator to HR as a strategist. This change in the way HR is perceived came to be known as HR transformation.

Ever since then, technology and innovation have continued to disrupt and change the way HR functions.

It is thus, safe to say that HR transformation is not a one-time event but a whole journey. Considering the recent developments and rapid innovation shaping business, “HR Transformation” needs to be redefined.

Today’s best companies realize that HR isn’t simply about operations and benefits administration. Rather, it has the power to transform an organization by delivering competitive advantage through its most critical asset: people.

Research by HR analysts Fosway Group and tech exhibition company HRN has shown that HR transformation has the ability to increase profitability by 91%, enhance business agility by 87%, and improve customer service by 87%.

For a business to progress, you need the right people with the right skills; all communicating effectively. If you look at people as your greatest asset, then HR becomes the foundation of an organization.

The eCornell HR Transformation certificate program, developed by faculty experts from one of the world’s top HR schools, is designed to equip human resources leaders at all levels to add strategic value and insights to an organization, develop meaningful consulting relationships with company stakeholders, and align HR initiatives with business strategy.