Brainstorming VS Brain Writing (Critical Thinking)

You may have heard of Brainstorm – you may have even attended a brainstorming meeting or even conducted the process. In short, a brainstorm is a process for generating creative ideas and solutions through intensive and freewheeling group discussion.  

There is another method called Brain writing which is similar to brainstorming – brain writing, however, as the name implies, is about writing out your ideas rather than speaking them out. It gives everyone equal opportunity to participate, and it enables all group members to think without any “blocking.” 

In this 3 minute video, Professor Risa Mish, discusses both brainstorming and brain writing and explains why brain writing is the better option to generate as many ideas as possible while giving everyone a fair chance.  

However, in order to present your ideas successfully and be beneficial in a competitive and professional working environment, you need to have good critical thinking skills. For this purpose, Cornell is providing Critical Thinking Certificate.  

Critical thinking provides you with an approach to information that can be very valuable in the workplace. It enables you: 

  • to take on an amount of information 
  • to sum information up 
  • to pick out the theories and arguments 
  • to be able to communicate and justify the point of view that you have taken.