Is There an Inherent Intrapreneur In You?

Intrapreneurs man the business wheel from a critical mindset: They innovate and spearhead new ideas and products. People who like to take the lead and are quick-thinkers and doers fit the job. Possessing the qualities of being a problem-solver, a self-starter, a risk taker, and a growth driver are typical signs of this kind. A higher integrity is a characteristic that is inherent in them.

The personal risks that an intrapreneur faces are limited compared to that of an entrepreneur. The former may learn the ropes and an ingenious individual may result from years of experience, yet within a more sheltered and controlled framework.

As Larry Myler of Forbes Magazine emphasized in one of his articles, “Intrapreneurs by definition are not as autonomous as entrepreneurs, although they’re typically (and mistakenly) made to believe they are. When reality hits and would-be intrapreneurs are told that they can’t do something, disillusionment quickly eclipses optimism, and cynicism takes root. Because they are part of a bigger organization with well-established policies and procedures, they will most likely never become completely independent.”

This is true in most cases, but just like in any technical issue, if there is a glitch, then there is most likely a viable and ready fix. The calculated approach that should be applied by the intrapreneur is to act within the scope of the authority given but at the same time be fully mindful of the set of limitations especially on the aspects related to corporate management, fiscal discretion, and the control in the decision-making that is solely within the function of the top corporate power.

Having said this, do you feel you have the confidence and skillset to become an effective entrepreneur?

Every person has a potential and it only takes a matter of self-determination and the proper instruction to bring out the intrapreneur in YOU. eCornell offers a Certificate in Intrapreneurship Program.