Special Offering from The Bank of America and e-Cornell for Women Entrepreneurs

This offering from Cornell University and Bank of America may serve as a Christmas gift for many (if not all) women entrepreneurs out there. The two aforementioned organizations are proud to announce their partnership which has led to the launching of Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship which enrollment opening from the 5th of September next year. This six-course program which lasts 12 weeks is developed and will be taught by E-Cornell faculty, led by Professor Dr. Deborah Streeter, faculty director of the new institute whom has spent decades of teaching entrepreneurship and small business management with an authoritative understanding of the areas mentioned. The program takes an approach unlike other online courses which could be enrolled and participated by a vast number of learners. Only 100 students will be accepted per enrollment and students will be divided into group consisting of 20 students or less for maximum effectiveness. The core content of this certificate program presents learners with opportunities to reflect and relate information to their very own unique experience.

Professor Streeter explains that despite the number of women-owned businesses in the US augmented by 74% between 1997 and 2015, women continue to face a great deal of challenges. Among those is how they are evaluated by mentors, bankers and investors in their respective industries, study shows. The biting reality is, their performance is judged harshly and their achievements are often credited to luck rather than their talents or diligence. Hence, their work life is exacerbated and deteriorated by harsh judgments and unequal treatments.

According to Professor Streeter, the courses curriculum differ in the way they specifically address both internal and external obstacles encountered by women while they adequately cover typical subjects such as customer discovery and negotiation skills. Among the few examples shared by Professor Streeter are the stereotypes or stigma which women all over the world face while growing up and the fact that the venture capital world is dominated by men. These and more challenges confronted by women entrepreneurs are addressed by Professor Streeter and her co-educators using their practical curriculum, coupled with rewarding discussions between teachers and learners.

Gain insights on issues face by women in leadership positions and practical strategies on handling them by taking the Women in Leadership certificate program offered by Genashtim, in collaboration with eCornell.