A Call To Woman Leadership


In an article titled “Lessons learned from women in leadership positions” published online in March 2018 on NCBI Resources, the author, Eileen Elias, wrote on “How working women can survive and thrive.” She introduced the article by referencing the 2016 Presidential election in the USA and how the campaign opened the eyes of American women to the fact that the glass ceiling still exists and women still have a distance to go in a man’s world, and workplace. The essence of the article is that professional women should know where they stand, create and nurture a network, find a mentor, and learn how to navigate unwritten rules.

Know where you stand by being aware of the essential qualities you bring to the workplace and how these qualities can work well with the assertiveness and risk-taking qualities that men bring to the workplace. Network on a continuous basis with both women and men and build these relationships on mutual trust and support. Find a mentor as an aspiring woman leader, as this is essential. Dress the part of the professional, speak up by asking for what you want, and make continuous eye contact in meetings facilitated by men, in order to get around the unwritten rules which entail men being the designers and managers of the workplace.

The eCornell Executive Women in Leadership certificate will groom you in a number of key lessons to apply in a leadership position within a diverse organization where gender, power dynamics, and professional networking are pivotal.

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