Human Resources Management? Yes, It Is Mission-Critical!

Human resources management is the aspect of an organization’s operations that looks after both the interests of the organization in terms of its manpower needs and the needs of the manpower it employs.

In its earlier form, human resources management involved recruiting and hiring employees, training them for optimal performance of their duties, taking care of their leave requirements, and looking after their compensation and benefits packages and their general welfare and other entitlements.

As time evolved, human resources management became strategic and complex. Being strategic means the human resources role is now integral to the organization’s long-term goals and objectives, and affects the organization’s bottom line. It also means that human resources management is now involved at a higher level as a partner with the organization to know and understand the goals and objectives of all other departments and plan and forecast its long-term labor needs rather than just focus on short-term needs as obtained in the past.

Smart Sheet writes about the role that strategic objectives play in human resource management. In capturing that role, they state that the changing conditions of the labor market and the new ways of doing business require strategies that involve recruiting and retaining the right people, combined with ethical and cultural leadership of the labor force. Planning and forecasting labor needs is a critical component.

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