Impressive Returns on Integrated Marketing

The complexity of today’s world is broad-brushed across just about every area of our lives. It touches how we do things at home, in the workplace, in the classroom or online learning, and how the subjects and courses we do in any learning institution are designed. Everything in life has changed drastically from how we knew it at least two decades ago.

Contributor to Forbes, Shama Hyder, places marketers in this broad-brushed group because old marketing models are broken and vanishing and in order to remain relevant marketers must adopt models relevant to the times. Integrated marketing is tendered as the model of the future, based on research done by NewsCred, among other pertinent thinkers. Integrated marketing pulls all the fragmented pieces of the old marketing model together and makes this new approach more coherent and less complex for the world of marketing. It organizes and positions marketers to bring effective content to all available marketing channels in a consistent manner.

Content has become widely used and accepted by a multiplicity of markets and integrated marketing makes a company’s operations more efficient and high-performing through collaboration. It moves an organization from operating from the standpoint of competition to being a profit centre.

Referencing research carried out by Gartner, it was “found that Integrated campaigns across 4+ channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300 percent.” Also, “according to Kantar Millward Brown, integrated campaigns are 31 percent more effective at building brands.”

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