Become a Strategic Hospitality Marketer

There is a difference between traditional marketing and strategic marketing. In any organization, for an activity to be strategic, it involves a long-term and forward-looking framework in which all departments are involved. It also flows down from top management to the various other levels and spreads across all aspects of the organization. Strategic hospitality marketing, then, works within the framework of a hospitality organization’s overall marketing plan and covers all aspects of the organization’s operations. The specific outcome of the marketing plan is to connect with the target audience and convert them into new and repeat customers.

Insivia posits that each marketing activity should align with the overall plan in order to meet the organization’s marketing objective. This calls for everyone to understand the organization’s marketing goals and the approach for accomplishing them. They assert that there are five key sections that every strategic marketing plan should have. Firstly, you must identify and analyze your audience and know that your product or service is meeting a need or solving a problem for them. Knowing your audience means you will be able to target your message specifically to them. Next, keep an eye on your competitors and know what they are doing. This will help you to modify your own tactic for improved effectiveness. Thirdly, be on the watch for new opportunities such as expanding your business or targeting different demographics with similar features to your present customers. Analysis of your marketing message is another key activity. Think about what you are saying, what you need to say, and how you need to say it. From there, you need to fine-tune your message and ensure that all your content media strictly focus on and connect with your target audience. Finally, consider the specific tactics you will use to accomplish your overall business goals. How, for example, will you get the word out to your target audience?

eCornell offers a Professional Certificate in Strategic Hospitality Marketing which will help you to fine-tune the above skills.