Use Analytics to Optimize your Digital Advertising

The world has gone digital marketing. But, according to Anees Khan, Global Head of Media & Communications, Business Process Services at Wipro Ltd, digital marketing is fraught with a number of problems including financial wastes and poor targeting and tracking of advertisers and publishers in the marketing network.

Fortunately, there is a way to deflect these ills and receive better returns on investment. This is achieved by evaluating how much is allotted to the various stages of the sales effort. Customer engagement is also pivotal to the marketing thrust and can be achieved through applicable customer insights gained through a calculated approach to the marketing campaign. This calculated approach should be established on a sound company-wide effort to keep current customers while attracting new customers through various online marketing channels and with the use of analytics.

Advertising analytics uses data visualization and analytics software to evaluate applicable records, statistics, and figures for the dual purpose of arriving at a deep understanding so that better decisions can be made and to determine the effect that advertising activities have on consumer behavior. It also optimizes marketing campaigns by measuring the return on investment at each stage and results in a deeper understanding of the most important activities involved with online advertising. Analytic tools operate on certain established criteria across all advertising platforms to determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

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