Corporate Wellness’ Critical Role

1. Why is corporate wellness gaining traction?

Employers have observed that whenever employees choose healthier lifestyles, they tend to be more productive. They also have higher participation rates in company activities and enjoy team camaraderie.

A study conducted by Harvard Business Review found that companies who invested in company wellness enjoyed an average return of $2.17 in the form of increased productivity and motivation, reduced absenteeism and healthcare expenses.

2. What measures are to be taken to sustain an employee’s well-being?

  • Since remote work is the new normal and the future of work, live immersive wellness classes and virtual experiences for teams around the world are gaining traction. Healthier working conditions can be made possible by combining technology and customized fitness programs. Also, team buildings are fun activities to reduce workplace stress and produce happier employees.
  • Corporate wellness, also known as organizational wellness or employee well-being is a current hot topic, especially as COVID-19 persists. Employers’ awareness of their employees’ well-being has heightened as employees make healthier lifestyle choices which resulted to increased productivity levels, boosted the employee’s morale, and enhanced team camaraderie.
  • Companies can subscribe to corporate wellness centers to safeguard employee health.
  • Wellness technology platforms enable organizations to have holistic well-being exercises and supplements via educational modules and onsite services.

Snack Nation’s blog encapsulates the effect of work experience as, “Corporate wellness is the seed you plant now and reap the benefits of overall employee satisfaction.” The blog also listed companies that are transforming workplace health and happiness and offers ideas to employers and team leaders to promote corporate wellness in their organizations.

3. How to achieve corporate wellness?
Corporate wellness strategies and methodologies, counseling skills and group facilitation skills must be at maximum functionality. These must be practiced by engaging groups and teams in a collaborative manner. Such may seem to be a light task but to fulfill these require a wellness expansion plan.

eCornell’s Wellness Counseling program will aid you in creating and promoting corporate wellness while also creating a wellness vision and long-term plan. You will also learn how to effectively cascade information about both aspects to your employees.

eCornell courses are approved by SkillsFuture Singapore for SkillsFuture Credit as well as by HRDF Malaysia under its SBL Scheme.

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