The Potential of Marketing Analytics in Advertising

As technology progresses, communication between companies and customers went from physical interactions to different forms of media classifications such as printed ads and broadcasting through television and radio. Now, digital marketing has become the mainstream approach of promoting a company’s products, services, discounts, offers and brand.

Rock Content blog published an article, outlining how marketing analytics help digital advertising go the extra mile. It also states that marketing analytics provide great accuracy using innumerable resources and tools besides providing in-depth elaboration about all the digital marketing essentials.

1. How is analytics used in marketing?

Gathering of data across all marketing channels is necessary to be consolidated into a shared marketing perspective by using important business metrics such as ROI, marketing attribution and overall marketing effectiveness.

2. What does marketing analytics rely on?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy branches out into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid advertising. SEM works by link building, keyword density and relevant, high-quality content. Paid advertising involves companies paying users who only clicked on their ads which results in the page standing out and ranking on top in search engines. It is cost-effective, gaining excellent returns.

3. What are the most used and popular digital advertising platforms?

The most popular form is social media which has more than 7 million active users. It is an important platform to make your presence known by promoting your products and services and creating brand awareness. It disseminates information based on interests, target audience, and customer persona. Companies can structure their strategies to generate the desired results.

The marketing analytics in email marketing target subscribers, engage with the public and keep the audience in the loop through an email- based platform where utilizing automation tools is convenient to process them all. When done consistently right, email marketing analytics’ potential is undoubtedly effective.

Your digital campaigns can be achieved when you use these to interpret your marketing efforts. Failure to view the findings of the data disregards the opportunities that cause inefficiency in spending and execution.

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