Create Service Excellence by Developing Organizational Empowerment

A culture of service excellence is essential for any company. Leading a culture of service excellence encompasses developing a culture that empowers employees, but without a long-term framework, organizational cultures are bound to suffer.

An article on that is written by Abeer Raza discusses about the nitty-gritty of a culture of empowerment in business and also drives the agenda on how employee empowerment will accelerate the improvement of a business. It highlights how empowering employees is an art that leaders need to learn and apply.

What is employee empowerment?

It is about involving the employees to make organizational-level decisions by granting them decision-making rights and power while granting them decision-making powers with limited functional autonomy.  This exercise will make employees feel valued as they know that they are a part of the decision-making force for the organization.

What does employee empowerment do to an organization?

When you empower your employees by giving them pertinent and expedient functional autonomy, they feel appreciated for their efforts. This boosts responsibility and accountability within your teams which can improve innovation and overall productivity.

How does employee empowerment and creating a culture of service of excellence connect to each other?

Please bear in mind that a culture of service excellence can only be created by having empowered employees. As a result, the co-existence of these two is a no-brainer. Including your employees in organizational decision-making processes sets a competitive pressure, resulting in your organizational service culture becoming a standard for your clients, subsequently augmenting your reputation.

What are the necessary values for employee empowerment to rise to the occasion?

  1. Compassion – employee gratification is strengthened and motivation is stimulated once compassion is practiced in the workplace.
  2. Learning – rather than trying to force complex systems down the employees’ throats, make gradual learning and improvement a standard.
  3. Transparency – always be honest with your employees in the process of decision-making.

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