Get Set for Digital Transformation This Year and Beyond

In an article published by Organimi, digital transformation is described as the utilization of new, fast, and rapidly changing digital technologies to create solutions to problems. Hence, digital transformation is something businesses must be prepared for.

What does digital transformation mean for business?

In the business world, digital transformation involves the use of cloud computing and other technologies for the creation or modification of business processes, business cultures, and customer experiences, inter alia. However, digital transformation for business is not limited to technology; it also covers the mindset of a company, employee agility, and value creation for clientele, stakeholders, and staff. It is the reimagining of business.

How can you prepare your business for the digital age?

These tips can offer you a deeper understanding of how you should go about digital transformation for your business:

Repurpose your IT team.

Do not treat your IT team as a separate, disengaged entity. Your IT team should function as tech enablers and work together with other business teams so that the company can stay competitive.  Instead of functioning as only technology gatekeepers, your IT team should also work closely with leaders to create your own technological solutions.

Invest in digital assets.

Technological platforms and cloud solutions will continue to renew and reshape the way you do business. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that your company has a multifunctional and robust technological infrastructure.

Identify the areas that require changes.

Digital transformation is a never-ending phenomenon. So, be attentive to the changes and determine where you can slot in new technologies and solutions wherever and whenever necessary.

Empower your employees.

Familiarize your employees with the digital means your company has implemented. Educate and train them with skills for the present and the future.

How can you equip your business with the best methods for digital transformation?

Keep in mind that your business model and operations will undergo massive changes in this digital age. In association to develop the abilities to tackle the incoming and ongoing challenges that come with organizational digital transformation, Genashtim is proud to offer Digital Transformation in collaboration with eCornell, Cornell University’s online learning platform.

eCornell courses are approved by SkillsFuture Singapore for SkillsFuture Credit as well as by HRD Corp Malaysia under its SBL-Khas scheme.

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