Up Your Presentation Ballgame

An article on Skills You Need provides some insightful tips on how you can create effective presentations by following tried and tested pro-tips. According to the article, it does not matter if you are doing technical presentations or visual presentations, there are encompassing methods to help you deliver your expertise confidently.

Why do you need to make your presentations effective?

The goal of any presentation is for the audience to learn something at the end of the session. When you are monotonous and unanimated, you are likely to fail in retaining your audience’s attention. Hence, learning takes a beating. You want to maximize audience takeaways. It does not matter if you are experienced or a rookie presenter, you can always improve your presentation game.

How to increase the effectiveness of your presentations?

The first things that perhaps strike your mind at this question is “confidence, body language, and eye contact.” But there is more than that:

  1. Keep it simple and straightforward.

Always reflect on the key messages you would like your audience to grasp. Then, find ways to communicate those messages briefly. Break long pieces of information into bite-sized pieces. Be upfront.

  1. Strive to be “a great explainer.”

Talk using your own words instead of relying completely on the presentation slides’ information. Ensure that you know the subject matter well. Only then can you deliver the key takeaways correctly and efficiently.

  1. Connect with your audience.

Be passionate, honest, and enthusiastic. Let your excitement about the subject matter shine through; it will be infectious. Tell your audience why the subject at hand is important to you and why and how it matters.

  1. Know what your audience needs.

Build your presentation to revolve around what your audience is looking for; you need to take a centralized approach, avoiding going off at a tangent.

What else can you do to up your presentation ballgame?

You can learn more about how to take your presentations from good to great. Nudging you down the path to greatness is the Presentation and Design Delivery program, offered by Genashtim in collaboration with eCornell, Cornell University’s online learning platform.

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