Inclusive Hiring Practices Are the Way Forward

Inclusive Hiring Practices Are the Way Forward

Traditional hiring practices lack focus on diversity and inclusion practices.
Diversity and inclusion are no longer an additional extension to a business; it is an integral part of a business that is considered imperative and should be prioritized in the HR strategy recruitment for talents in an organization.

The second stage of the hiring process, candidate evaluation, is more than just a simple assessment when implementing diversity and inclusion in your recruitment plan.

What is candidate evaluation?

Candidate evaluation allows your organization to select the most qualified candidates to meet the requirements of an open position from your diverse talent pool.

During candidate evaluation, every step, from reviewing résumés to conducting interviews and making selection decisions offers opportunities for inclusion. However, these stages also have drawbacks that can easily exclude marginalized candidates from positions.

By examining the candidate evaluation stage to address the weaknesses in the process that hinder inclusive recruitment, you can strengthen the steps that facilitate an inclusive hiring approach. You can approach interviews and applicant selection by isolating and addressing the source of bias when developing inclusive interview assessment and proper selection practices.

Inclusive workplaces are gradually being built and new framing and practices need to be put in place throughout, to ensure stronger hiring practices and work culture. These practices consider the needs of employees, require a myriad of elements, and start from the top levels of an organization.

You can incorporate inclusivity-based best practices in your employee selection processes by enrolling in the Adopting Inclusive Hiring Practices course offered by Genashtim in collaboration with eCornell.

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