Optimizing Digital Advertising with Analytics


Digital advertising campaigns are becoming an increasingly important element of most brands. The digital advertising marketing mix aims to achieve targeted goals including amplifying brand awareness, driving increased traffic, and improving consumer conversions.

Digital advertising analytics is a powerful tool to improve your digital advertising campaigns. Digital advertising campaigns generate enormous amounts of data and that data can quickly become a liability if you do not know how to manage, measure, and interpret it. The failure to measure and analyze the data from your digital advertising campaigns can incur inefficient expenditure and missed opportunities.

Accurately interpreted and measured data from digital advertising campaigns can show the achievements of the goals of digital advertising campaigns. Subsequently, this will provide you with a roadmap to make prudent and more informed spending decisions. Whether you are a buyer or seller of digital advertising, you will be more successful at monetizing your digital assets when digital advertising data is analyzed correctly.

You can use a variety of analytical tools to measure and interpret data, including:

• Effectiveness and efficiency metrics

• Attribution modeling

• Design of randomized controlled trials

The ever-changing nature of internet advertising trends warrants continuous analysis. You can expand your understanding of the nitty-gritty of digital advertising analytics and its impacts on your advertising strategy by taking the Optimizing Digital Advertising with Analytics course offered by Genashtim in collaboration with eCornell.

eCornell courses are approved by SkillsFuture Singapore for SkillsFuture Credit as well as by HRD Corp Malaysia under its HRD Corp Claimable Course Scheme.

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