Delve Deeper to Understand Clients Better

Delve Deeper to Understand Clients Better

People working in helping professions often serve in the role of a counselor. The counselor’s role is critical in helping individuals or groups overcome various challenges and achieve personal growth. The conscious implementation of counseling techniques as an educator, coach, or wellness professional can enhance your effectiveness at the job and ensure the success of the groups you serve.

In this course, you will mindfully identify behavioral changes in your clients when you integrate client-directed counseling techniques across a range of fields. You will engage in live, active “client interviews” and exercises with a peer in your class or from your network. In addition, you will review best practices and analyze different combinations of counseling techniques to determine which methods yield the best results. As you actively apply your listening skills, articulate the benefits of client-centric counseling, and combine different counseling techniques to better understand your clients’ needs, you will gain confidence, become more effective, and be better equipped to take a leadership role in your field.

It is crucial to note that silence and nonverbal cues can be powerful in a counseling setting. When you accurately analyze and interpret your clients’ nonverbal cues and silence, you can elicit useful information, build trust, and establish successful relationships with the groups you serve. Positioning research-based techniques properly can develop further rapport with your clients, leading to positive outcomes for them.

Learn to apply formal theories and techniques in the Wellness Counseling certificate program offered by Genashtim in collaboration with eCornell.

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