Mastering Services Marketing for Customer-Centric Success

Services marketing is a continuous analytical process fundamental for businesses to make more informed strategic decisions on what target customers want and align those wants with the value a company delivers.

The Strategic Hospitality Marketing certificate program, authored by Cornell Nolan School of Hotel Administration faculty Rob Kwortnik, equips you with insights to effectively assess marketing variables within your organization to develop and implement an effective services marketing process. You will start by evaluating the significance and role of marketing within your organization and then proceed to outline the utilization of the services marketing process. Next, you will identify the factors contributing to your organization’s success in the competitive marketplace and develop strategies to address marketing challenges effectively. Finally, you will underscore the principal role of customer experience in shaping your service brand.

With the Strategic Hospitality Marketing certificate program, you will be equipped to adopt a practical customer-centric approach to marketing and gain a competitive edge.

Elevate your services marketing strategic skills by taking the Strategic Hospitality Marketing certificate program offered by Genashtim, in collaboration with eCornell.

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