Restore Public Health in the Post Pandemic Era

Genashtim Newsletter Restore Public Health in the Post Pandemic Era

The COVID-19 pandemic presented an unprecedented global crisis, revealing that health care and public health systems were not equipped to manage the crisis. Lives and jobs were lost, and critical resources were compromised. Now, the urgent course of action is building stronger systems, programs, and policies to achieve better public health.

In the Public Health Essentials certificate program, you will learn about public health principles and health equity, analyze data, and communicate effectively to engage communities in illness prevention. Utilizing case studies like COVID-19, the program emphasizes learning from the past for a healthier future. Equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, you will contribute to the long-term goal of optimizing public health for all.

Deepen your understanding of public health needs and enhance community health efforts by enrolling in the Public Health Essentials certificate program offered by Genashtim, in collaboration with eCornell.

eCornell courses are approved by SkillsFuture Singapore for SkillsFuture Credit as well as by HRD Corp Malaysia under its HRD Corp Claimable Course Scheme.