UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit 2018 will take place this month in New York, USA. This summit will bring an international community of leaders from business, investor groups, Government and civil society together at the United Nations for a collection of high-level engagement and networking opportunities. 

This summit proves the importance of leadership management on a global scale. Leadership skills are not just for executives or even just people managers. Developing leadership skills is critical for any successful organization, from individual contributors to team leaders to senior executives. 

There is a lot of literature available on leadership and management, but we tend to talk more about leaders than managers. We need a blend of both leaders and managers to lead global organizations in the current business environment. This role can be called a managerial leader—someone who can reshuffle their roles and responsibilities according to the situation to accomplish goals. Managerial leaders must be flexible, humble and down-to-earth. Leaders emphasize soft skills, managers emphasize hard skills and managerial leaders emphasize conceptual skills. They adopt autocratic, democratic or delegative leadership as the situation requires and can shift from leader to manager and vice versa. 

Global organizations need leaders who know how to manage and managers who know how to lead. They need a judicious blend of leaders and managers who can shift their roles and responsibilities based on the situation. 

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