We all know what a MOOC is – Massive Open Online Course. MOOCs have been around for more than a decade, and today dominate the eLearning market. However, MOOCs are generally static one-way delivery solutions which not only can be rather boring, but also in most cases, cannot give a good learning outcome. Click here for a more detailed explanation.


Hence until today, the global completion rate for MOOCs is still less than 10%. SPOCs on the other hand are quite different, and from the article above, you will realise that SPOCs if managed well, will have a better learning outcome than most physical classroom-based training. SPOCs are still very rare in the eLearning space, and eCornell is one of them. The completion rate for eCornell is a whopping 86%. And this rate is more than 90% for the corporate clients managed by Genashtim.


So “Beam us up SPOC!”