eCornell has Incited Excitement

We have exciting news! eCornell now boasts four additional new programs to its illustrious repertoire! These are Digital Leadership, Technology Leadership, Public Sector Leadership, and Innovation Strategy.

As a business leader, technology leader, or entrepreneur, you are being beckoned into the world of Digital Leadership, a machine-learning environment which is here to stay. Machine learning involves the use of artificial intelligence to power the automation of processes. It is invasive, as it has worked its way into practically all industries. It is highly unlikely that the industry you work in is untouched, or will remain untouched for long. Enter the world of Digital Leadership – this link will take you there!

Designed for a wide cross-section of professionals, Technology Leadership will place you on the frontline of the leadership attributes and decision-making styles necessary to strengthen essential communication, motivation, and influencing-skills within your organization. You will be positioned for future growth and success in managing technical and project teams. With this program, you will earn a Technology Leadership Certificate from Cornell College of Engineering and 60 Professional Development Hours (6 CEUs). Get on the Technology Leadership frontier by following this link.

Innovation Strategy is designed for new executive leaders, product managers, MBA students, data scientists and analysts, and entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs. In this program, you will learn that innovation must be done within a structured framework in order to achieve a high return on investment; you will also learn how to construct that framework using a strategic approach that supports the goals of your organizations. The program is rich in creative activities, practice, and the use of special tools. Best of all, you will create an innovation strategy for your own organization. How innovative can you get? Find out by following this link.

There is a difference between private sector and public sector leadership. Public Sector Leadership will clarify the differences in a practical way and help you to evaluate your leadership skills, as well as your organization in order to ascertain its distinct features. Learning to understand what motivates your employees to work in the public sector and combining this knowledge with your understanding of your organization’s unique qualities will give you the opportunity to use different leadership models and goal-setting tactics to help you arrive at the leadership strategies and behaviors that will be most effective in your organization. Become the consummate public sector leader by answering the call to action found at this link.