Developing A Service Strategy

It is critical to have a marketing strategy. Kent Barton shares on inflow how to implement a marketing strategy and turn it into action. A well-formulated strategy based on thorough research is a sound business decision that can clarify the way forward. It can also present opportunities for growth, result in cost savings, give the business a competitive advantage, and provide for sound decision making towards the achievement of business goals.

It frequently happens, however, that a sound marketing strategy does not translate into effective action. The following steps will help to safeguard against this and turn your strategy into action that achieves goals:

  1. Get the help of your developers: The marketing and development teams should work together throughout the process of all marketing activities. Involve the development team in meetings and seek their feedback during the building of the marketing strategy. This will help to move the process along smoothly and in a timely manner.
  2. Communicate clearly and concisely: In the implementation stage, involve all appropriate personnel from the various departments within the organization as new tasks will flow down throughout the organization in the process of making the strategy a reality. During this stage, define clearly what the goals of the strategy are, who the implementer will be, and the tactics that will be used at a stated time.
  3. Close the loop: Strategic marketing involves a process that leads to implementation. At this final stage, the data generated during the process can be used for reporting and metrics. These can aid in taking necessary corrective measures. Such corrective measures can themselves be aided by resources such as Google Analytics, email reporting, and so on. A sub-process of testing, measuring, and carrying out of the resulting outcomes will close the reporting loop and establish a sequence of ongoing improvements.

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