Practical Applications of Statistics

Statistics have many practical applications. Quality control is an area in which it plays an essential role. A summary on statistical quality control, made available by ScienceDirect, provides relevant information on this methodology in relation to its use in the manufacturing sector. Statistical quality control involves the use of statistical methods to measure and improve the quality of manufacturing processes. It includes statistical processing control, analytical tools, sampling plans, and other statistical techniques. The methods used help to validate the analysis of the manufacturing process. They also support the decision-making process so that management can arrive at a correct conclusion regarding the stability and predictability of the process.

When the quality control tools and the process control tools are used together, users can get a current and long-term view about processing performance. These tools play a useful role in the ongoing improvement of manufacturing processes. Based on accurately collected and analyzed measurements, areas for enhancements are detected and the enhancements are implemented. Controls are then put in place to guarantee that the improvements are permanent.          

Statistical process control and statistical quality control aim to control the manufacturing process to the extent that products and services are produced to meet established standards to the greatest extent possible. Continuous improvement eliminates as much variation as possible so that products work correctly the first time. Manufacturers that utilize statistical processing control and statistical quality control methods use several procedures, charts, and graphs to measure, record, and analyze operations to minimize disparities. Batch testing and in-line analyzers are the methods used to measure processes and these, working together, reveal the total batch quality and provide plant operators and management with relevant data in real-time.

Overall, products with highly repetitive manufacturing processes and high-volume production derive the most benefit from statistical quality control.

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